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POST GAME THOUGHTS: A&M Loses to #19 Tennessee 20-13

Same old script

Texas A&M v Tennessee Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

Our beloved Fightin Texas Aggies dropped another one this week against the Tennessee Volunteers. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but we had a small lead going into the half, played to protect that lead with our first drive out of the half, rode the margin of error until it finally bit us, despite a valiant effort by our defense.

Sound familiar? It absolutely should.

I’m not even going to say anything about the defense. They played hard. They deserve mention only to say that they played their asses off and played well enough to win this game.


Our punter had 4 kicks and averaged 32 yards a kick. That’s not good enough. Our kicker was 2/3. That’s fine but it’s not good enough for the way that Jimbo wants to manage games. We gave up a short punt (read the first sentence of this paragraph) for a TD.

We don't have a dedicated special teams coach. We have an analyst who works with special teams. Three phases of ball, offense, defense, and special teams, and we’re good at 1 of them.



Max finished 16/34 for 223 yards with 2 INTs. That’s not good. He won't step up into the pocket and make a throw and granted our OL is not great (better than they have been maybe?) but there were a few clean pockets and Max didn't get there.


Folks I’m at a loss. I don't know what offense you run to make Max comfortable. If the play is there then the pocket is not, if the pocket is there, then the play is not, and if the pocket and play are all there then Max is not. I don't know what to do with that.


This is probably the angriest I’ve been at Aggie Football since I don't know when. It is not unreasonable to expect your offense to score 27 points...especially when your head coach is an offensive coach. It is not unreasonable to expect the offense to do its part. This is like some sick twisted group project where Jimbo gets to skirt by saying that his internet went down only this time we got an F.

It is not unreasonable to expect an offensive coach to put 20+ points on the field. Dont care about backup QB, don't care about any of that. It’s all in Jimbo’s hands. This is all on Jimbo. Full stop. If we are sitting here thinking that it is unreasonable for the offense, under an offensive head coach, to score 20+ points, with a hand-picked OC then we need to be asking ourselves some difficult big picture questions.


4-3. No clear-cut solutions moving forward. I am out of platitudes and solutions. I don't know where we are and I don't know where we go from here.

BTHO whoever we play next.