Jimbo's Tenure: A review

I got curious and started looking at past records. With this being the midpoint of Jimbo's 6th year as head coach at A&M, I put together this review.

2018: 9-3 in regular season & 5-3 in conference. There was a thrilling 7OT win over LSU to break the losing streak against them and A&M finished ranked 16th. Doing that in Jimbo's first season, we thought we finally had our guy and this was the turnaround we were all hoping for.

2019: 8-4 in regular season & 4-4 in conference. We lost every game that was played against a ranked team (not counting the bowl game) and finished unranked. Some of us were nervous at this point, but we were mostly willing to forgive a "sophomore slump".

2020: The season of COVID which just threw a wrench in everything. SEC played a conference-only schedule and we went 8-1. We got to the NY6 Orange Bowl, arguably should have been in the CFP (an argument for another time), and ended the season ranked 4th. We were ready to view 2019 as the sophomore slump we hoped it was. This was the turning point. Right?

2021: 8-4 in regular season & 4-4 in conference. We started conference play with two straight losses, including losing to Arkansas for the first time since joining the SEC. Then, we beat Alabama and the sports world went nuts. We suddenly had possible paths to the SEC Championship. However, none of that panned out. We didn't even win the games that we had to for those to work. An opportunity lost and we started to question if Jimbo wasn't the guy we thought he was initially.

2022: 5-7 in regular season & 2-6 in conference. The preseason was lit up with the news that A&M had gotten the highest ranked recruiting class of all time. And again, we thought that this was going to translate to better play on the field, with all of this talent. And we instead just flopped and flailed and didn't even make a bowl game. We were the laughingstock of the college football world.

2023: We lost to Miami in a game where we couldn't seem to get to their QB at all and he just threw bomb after bomb. We won the first two conference games in a confident manner and we though that perhaps we still had our shot. Just one loss doesn't mean you're out, right? The Alabama game was now a LOT more significant. And yet again, we failed to seize the opportunity. Overly timid play (punting or settling for FGs) and the second half collapse of the offensive line (among other problems) cost us the game.

So now we are looking down the barrel of another disappointing season. With how we performed against Alabama, it is looking unlikely that we are going to beat Tennessee (especially on the road) and we have yet to win in Baton Rouge, so that's another loss which gives us an 8-4 season at best and another mediocre bowl game.

Now, maybe Jimbo will surprise us all and we'll finally, truly turn things around and go undefeated from here on. Who can say? But looking at Jimbo's record, it's looking unlikely. From my viewpoint, he's not the guy.

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