Jimbo Fisher is STILL Kevin Sumlin... maybe even less so

My dear fellow Aggies,

After a heartrending loss to Bama this previous weekend, I stewed, I tried to emotionally distance myself from our beloved football team, I pondered. Having really followed Aggie football closely since 2006, I like many of you have been on a season to season emotional roller coaster. Back in 2021, I wrote a Fanpost entitled "Jimbo Fisher is Kevin Sumin Pt. 2". A fellow class of '18 Ag posted a respectful, dissenting post. I have gone back and pulled the numbers now that we are in Year 6 of the Jimbo Fisher experiment, which incidentally is the same number of years that Kevin Sumlin lasted, and I've found that I am reprieved. God love ya dissenters, but the points made in "Jimbo Fisher is NOT Kevin Sumlin" almost completely fall short and wrong. So yes, in a way, this is an "I told you so" post.

Here are some stats. This is not an exhaustive compariso, frankly I don't have time, but this is merely to highlight that we are paying a significantly larger sum for the same, if not worse, results. I do not want to hear any more about "trust the process." This is the second "All Jimbo Players Year" and what has he shown with just his guys? Almost a worse showing than Kevin Sumlin did. At this point, I don't really know how someone can honestly look me in the eye and say anything to the effect of "wait until next year" or "next year is the turning point" or "we just need to execute". I think we're beyond that. Now, I recognize that no one in the decision making circle gives a hoot what I think, but I'm going to say it anyway because that's what the internet is for. Here you go:

Jimbo Fisher Kevin Sumlin
Overall Record Yr 1 9-4 11-2 Sumlin
Overall Record Yr 2 8-5 9-4 Sumlin
Overall Record Yr 3 9-1 8-5 Jimbo
Overall Record Yr 4 8-4 8-5 Push
Overall Record Yr 5 5-7 8-5 Sumlin
Overall Record Yr 6 4-2 7-5 TBD
Record through 6 Years 43-23 (.651) 51-26 (.662) Sumlin
SEC Record Year 1 5-3 6-2 Sumlin
SEC Record Year 2 4-4 4-4 Push
SEC Record Year 3 8-1 3-5 Jimbo
SEC Record Year 4 4-4 4-4 Push
SEC Record Year 5 2-6 4-4 Sumlin
SEC Record Year 6 2-1 4-4 TBD
Record Against Ranked Opponents 9-15 (.375) 12-16 (.428) Sumlin
Record Against Alabama 1-5 1-5 Push
Away Record 7-14 (.333) 16-10 (.615) Sumlin
Bowl Record 3-0 3-3 Jimbo (But Sumlin never missed a bowl game)
Highest Ranking thru 6 Yrs 5 5 Push
Recruiting Class Ranking Yr 1 4 9 Jimbo
Recruiting Class Ranking Yr 2 6 5 Sumlin
Recruiting Class Ranking Yr 3 8 11 Jimbo
Recruiting Class Ranking Yr 4 1 18 Jimbo
Recruiting Class Ranking Yr 5 15 13 Sumlin
Recruiting Class Ranking Yr 6 TBD 17
QB Yr 1 Kellen Mond Johnny Manziel
QB Yr 2 Kellen Mond Johnny Manziel
QB Yr 3 Kellen Mond Kenny Hill/Kyle Allen
QB Yr 5 HK/MJ/CW Trevor Knight/Jake Hubenak
QB Yr 6 CW/MJ Kellen Mond
Jimbo: 6
Sumlin: 10

As you can see, while I'll admit this doesn't telll the whole story by a long shot, I am further convinced that Jimbo and Kevin are essentially equal and in fact, Kevin did slightly more with slightly less. Oh and I do want to point out that Kevin never missed a bowl game. Jimbo missed once because of "c*vid" and once because he sucks. How else do you justify a 5-7 season with the amount of talent he had? Even with the wretched Jake Spavital run-run-pass years, Sumlin still put out a more successful product than Jimbo did. Sumlin has a better record on the road, a better record against ranked opponents, and a slightly better overrall winning percentage. Not to mention a Heisman winner (I don't care that he didn't recruit him. He hired the right coaches (Kingsbury) that created the right system and development for a generational talent). Jimbo is recruiting at a level we've probably never seen before at TAMU and yet, the results are the same. In fact, let's even look at the talent that has been pushed into the NFL. Jimbo has had A&M players go to the NFL. How have they done? Well, outside of Achane, not great. Sumlin, on the other hand, can claim Mike Evans, Myles Garrett, Christian Kirk, Josh Reynolds (he's not a superstar but he does start), and Donovan Wilson (again, not a superstar but certainly solid). The way Achane has run for Miami the first few games, it leaves you wondering what in the world Jimbo was doing with him when he was at TAMU? I'll refrain going into the emotionally charged topic of poor game management that has been a habitual Jimbo issue at TAMU, not least of which were some of the worst game decisions I've seen since Franchione against Bama last week.

We can all have opinions on what should happen from here. We all know ultimately none of us really have a say. It's up to people with more power and money than us peasants. None the less, this is reality, and it's not pretty. I will always be an Aggie and an Aggie fan. I will always "root for the boys" . I will never quit. But facts are facts and this is a stark reminder of wasted money, wasted time, and wasted talent that leaves us no better than we were in 2017 when we fired Kevin Sumlin. There are those of you who will continue to make the argument that "well we just need to have one more year. Next year is our time. Our team will be so talented and experienced." If history has told us anything, it's that Jimbo and his staff does not develop and improve talent. They haven't been able to adjust and manage the new Transfer Portal rules. This is a new era of College Football and Jimbo is not keeping up. I realize that this opinion is relevant to no one but myself, but in my opinion Jimbo Fisher needs to go or we need to resign ourselves that we will end up the little brother again, just like OkSt is to OU.

Thanks and gig 'em.

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