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Former 5 Star DL Anthony Lucas Hits the Portal

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NCAA Football: Sam Houston State at Texas A&M Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

What goes up must come down and after a couple of good days of portal and crootin, A&M got some bad news when former 5 star defensive lineman Anthony Lucas announced that he was going to be hopping into the transfer portal.

Lucas played in 6 games this year and then had a multi-game suspension for off field transgressions. The rumor was that he had done everything he needed to do to get back in the good graces of the staff, however it appears that he’s looking for a fresh start. Lucas is incredibly talented and will be highly sought after on the transfer market.

Fortunately for A&M, defensive line is a spot where attrition won't destroy us, especially given the recent dominant performance by David Hicks at the recent Under Armor camp. Regardless, between the previous departures, the lack of an OC, and now Lucas looking for greener pastures...well put it nicely there have definitely been easier times to be an A&M fan.

All the best to Anthony and hope he finds the fresh start he’s looking for.