College Football Risk -- Season 3 -- is BACK!

Howdy, Ags!!

My name is TxAg70. I'm MEEN C/O 2017 and I'm one of the members of the Fightin' Texas Aggie College Football Risk team. What is College Football Risk? Imagine the board game "Risk", but one where every FBS team is playing each day (excepting Sundays -- the developers needed a day off) to take and control territory -- and every player on each team acts as one troop unit/soldier. It's an absolute blast -- between the memes made between teams and the exhilaration as the countdown to the roll each night happens, as well as the new friendships developed between a lot of Ags playing this game, everyone can find something about College Football Risk to enjoy!

It goes without saying that we're one of the bigger armies, but we've got a big challenge up ahead if we want to dominate and win. That's why I'm here. I'd like to ask you, yes YOU, to come join me and step up to fight alongside us. How do you do this?

Step 1. Go to College Football Risk
Step 2. Link your Reddit account (you need a Reddit account to play, but having one is useful if only to make and post memes on the college football risk subreddit. Creating one is a quick and easy affair and you only need to link it once).
Step 3. Choose to play for Texas A&M (and make sure you click right; you only get to choose once!)
Step 4. If you hear nothing from anyone else, click on College Station and help us take it back from... that orange squad... and keep it in the future!
Step 5. To get linked further into the community, check out the links for Texas A&M's central command here: team_specific - CollegeFootballRisk ( -- or just reply to me and I'll try to help you out.
Step 6. Enjoy the fun and tell your friends -- you could command your own squad of friends who work in tandem to conquer new chunks of land for the Aggie Empire!
Step 7. Make sure to continue playing each turn, because the more turns you play consecutively, the stronger your power as a soldier gets!

I hope to see y'all on the battlefield.

Thanks and Gig 'em,


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