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NFL Aggies near the top in career earnings

$585 million earned from Texas A&M’s 25 active NFL players

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M only ranks 17th in total players on NFL active rosters (with 25), but they’re much higher than that if you look at career earnings. Those Aggies have combined to make more than $585 million in their professional careers, which is good enough for No. 8 on the earnings list*.

NFL Career Earnings by School (active players)

1 Alabama 65 $1,020,955,195
2 Louisiana State 57 $872,871,960
3 Ohio State 56 $872,286,295
4 California 17 $707,272,207
5 Michigan 37 $698,194,221
6 Georgia 48 $695,681,523
7 Wisconsin 29 $640,977,182
8 Texas A&M 25 $585,786,182
9 Clemson 32 $535,061,777
10 Oklahoma 40 $516,042,000

The Aggies’ list is of course headlined by Von Miller with $144 million in career earnings, Ryan Tannehill with $139 million, Mike Evans with $81 million, Jake Matthews with $75 million and Myles Garrett with $68 million. And while NFL contracts are often far from fully guaranteed, the five players listed above still have $500 million left to earn on their current contracts, collectively. Add onto that the five-year, $63 million deal just signed by Saints C Erik McCoy, the four-year, $72 million deal Christian Kirk signed in Jacksonville this offseason, and the four-year, $15 million contract Kenyon Green got after being drafted in the first round by the Texans, and A&M won’t be falling down this list any time soon.

Also, if you’re into this sort of thing, career earnings for active Texas Longhorn players is down at No. 29 on the list at just over $218 million. That is sandwiched between Kentucky and Rutgers, and is less than half of the A&M total. In fact, Texas doesn’t have a single active player with more than $35 million in career earnings (A&M has five), and their leader in earnings at the moment is K Justin Tucker.

*All contract/earnings information supplied by