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BY THE NUMBERS: Aggies take down Hogs

Today’s number is ‘zero’

Arkansas v Texas A&M Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Texas A&M had their second straight win over a top 15 team to seemingly right the ship on their season and start SEC play 1-0. Here are some of the key numbers from the Aggies’ massive victory. You may see a trend here...

  • 0: Field goal attempts that went through the uprights for Arkansas. DOINK!
  • 0: Points allowed by A&M from 6:04 in the first quarter to 10:05 in the fourth quarter. The Aggie defense made some seemingly catastrophic mistakes early, but held the Arkansas offense scoreless for nearly 39 minutes in the middle of the game, giving the Aggie offense the time they needed to get things going. Oh and don’t forget the defense providing six points of their own.
  • 0: Second half three-and-outs. Something that plagued this team early in the season (and early in this game), is the inability to even get a first down before having to give the ball back to the other team. But this offense managed at least a first down on every drive of the second half.
  • 0: Turnovers for the second week in a row. After turnovers plagued the A&M offense in their first two games under Haynes King, the Max Johnson-led squad once again protected the football well. This offense still has a lot of problems, but giving the ball to the other team has not been one of them the past two weeks.
  • 0: Prayers for #0 Ainias Smith. An injury that looked nasty on replays didn’t appear to get any better on the sideline, with Smith in a boot, on crutches and being consoled by his father. Nothing is official yet, but it appears that his season (and perhaps his A&M career) might be over. If that is indeed the case, thanks to him for pouring his heard and soul into this team, including coming back for his senior year.

3-1 (1-0) AND RANKED BABY!