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No not like the uniforms just the way we lost was like really awful

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 10 Appalachian State at Texas A&M Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There’s nothing good about this game but I’m gonna start off with lighthearted bullshit just to ease myself into writing about the absolute dumpster fire we saw on the field. I don’t know why we scheduled Appalachian State. We should have seen what they do to ranked teams and just said man hell no and gotten someone else.

Secondly, did yall know that in Jimbo’s tenure we’ve only won once in our second game of the year? Granted the first two years were Clemson, the third was Bama, and last year was basically as emotionally damaging as a loss...but the second week in the season just hates us.

Ok now I’m at an emotional place to talk about this. A&M dropped a game to Appalachian State. We only scored 14 points to an Appalachian State team that gave up 60+ to North Carolina Last week. We ran under 40 plays in the game and gained less than 200 yards on offense. They doubled us up on time of possession.

Let’s keep this short and sweet because I don't really want to talk about it anymore.


The play calling is not great. And perhaps in 2020, we had a really good offensive line and a veteran QB to make up for it. In 2021 we blamed it on a lack of consistent production from the QB spot. But this is year 5, and Jimbo has a guy who he hand-picked at QB, and then re-picked twice to be the starter...and we could only manage less than 200 yards on offense. That’s not good at all.


Haynes finishes the game 13/20 for 97 yards with 0 TDs. I’d say we should have given Max Johnson a shot but we didn't have enough possessions to even give him a shot. At one point in the game Max had his helmet on and was warming up but then we fumbled the ball away. 13/20 for 97 to a team that 352 to North Carolina the week before.

The Offensive Line

It wasn't good. The second week in a row it wasn't good. Is Bryce that valuable? No clue.


It seems strange to give the defense any flack here but they couldn't get stops when they needed to get stops. App State did just enough to put the game out of reach. They don't deserve all the blame but when you lose like this everyone deserves blame.

Where do we go from here?

Beats me. This was never the year. It was the year before the year but even in the year before the year, you gotta make progress. You gotta do something positive to give anyone hope that next year is the year. And in the lowest point of Jimbo's tenure thus far I’m not sure that I have much hope.

I assume next week we’ll see a different QB under center. And maybe that will do something to change the season’s trajectory.

But man, this is a bad bad bad loss. And it’s all on Jimbo.