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Marvel at this incredible Minecraft Kyle Field

Time well spent, in my opinion

It’s the first Friday in August, which means if you’re like me, you’re pining for the imminent return of Texas A&M football more than ever. So to help burn some of that time between now and Sept. 3, I present to you this incredible model of Kyle Field, built in Minecraft by Reddit user 42_Pineapples.

This was first posted to Reddit more than 18 month ago, but I just came across it this week, and I am in awe. This first video shows a time lapse of the build process, which he says took a total of 36 hours over three weeks. The painstaking detail is a thing to behold.

And after all of that, this is the finished product:

If this is your thing, make sure to visit the creator’s Youtube channel, where he has videos of several over Minecraft college football stadiums, including those for Navy, UCA, South Carolina, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Oklahoma, LSU and Michigan.