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WATCH: Jimbo Fisher talks about everything but who his starting QB will be.


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JUL 21 SEC Football Kickoff Media Days

Everybody thought today was the day. We’re 10 days out from the first game (the same day Texas A&M announced Haynes King as the starter in 2021), the team has an off day and starts game prep on Thursday, and Jimbo Fisher had a press conference scheduled for 2 p.m. The stage was set perfectly for us to find out who the Aggies would trot out at quarterback against Sam Houston. Who would lead this team for the 2022 season.

And then it didn’t happen.

“We have a good idea what’s going on, how it’s going. We’ve watched practice everyday and we’ll announce it when we’re ready.”

You could make the assumption from that statement that the coaches (and perhaps the team) knows who the starter is, but they are not yet ready to make that decision public. So while the drumbeat from “insiders” continues to be that third-year player Haynes King has been the frontrunner, the waiting game continues. Watch Jimbo’s full comments below.