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Texas A&M football players launch College Station NIL Club

A new opportunity to support your Fightin’ Texas Aggies

Earlier today current Texas A&M defensive back had a cryptic tweet about a new NIL opportunity.

Other players had similar tweets about this new opportunity. This afternoon we finally found out what it was. Texas A&M Football Players have created the “College Station NIL Club”. The website describes the purpose and intent of this organization as:

The site is a partnership with a platform called YOKE, and is similar to programs at the University of Oklahoma, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Texas.

The College Station NIL Club membership provides “online community and digital experiences with the team”. The website indicates that the program will support 70+ Texas A&M football players.

Player-driven NIL collectives are a growing trend around college football and provide student-athletes with a good way of directly providing content to interested supporters while benefitting financially.


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