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Needlessly fixing college football logos IV

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (I’m the beholder)

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Have you ever seen a logo and noticed small little things that you wish were better? If you’re like the vast majority of people, the answer is an emphatic “no,” but I am not one of those people. So over the years, I’ve made it my mission to find college football logos that could use some tweaking.

This year’s edition is below, but you can also browse my previous submissions from 2019, 2020 and 2021.

This year, it’s less about correcting outright errors, and more about streamlining logos that are a bit cluttered or seem to have too many unnecessary elements. These, more than previous versions, are more about personal preference, so you may not think they’re much of an upgrade. But, well, this is my article so I’ll do what I want.

Baylor Bears

Baylor did a brand refresh several years ago, and while the overal standardizing of their colors was a smart move, the random bevels in their logo feel exceptionally unnecessary. So now they’re gone. I also disconnected the U from the bottom of the B.

Wyoming Cowboys

One of the most underrated logos in all of college sports, though when viewed with a critical eye, is definitely in need of some cleaning up. The mane/tail and the cowboy and his hat, in particular, could be better. Granted, there are professional designers out there who could do a much much better job at this than me, but I did my best.

South Florida Bulls

The smallest of the tweaks on this list, but did you know that the right horn was slightly lower than the left? Absolutely no reason for this to happen, so voila, it’s fixed.

New Mexico Lobos

This one is more of a simplifying/streamlining than anything. Overall a very cool logo, but feels dated with the beveling and multiple outlines.

Liberty Flames

That “L” and “U” are an absolute mess. Beveling, plus some odd shading where they connect really muddle up a solid logo. Also good luck to anyone trying to do that original logo in embroidery.

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders

Once again, just a bit of cleaning up on this one. Removing the black shading from the inner portions of the logo ties it together a bit more, and there were also some angles of the T that were slightly off from the rest of the logo. But not anymore.

Do you know of more logos in need of fixing that I haven’t covered yet? Let me know in the comments.


Which "fixed" logo is the biggest improvement?

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