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Aggies. Longhorns. Let’s do this.

Winner moves on. Loser goes home and logs off the internet forever.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Practice Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever Texas A&M faces the Texas Longhorns, it’s a big game. But this one is bigger. The Aggies face the Longhorns for the first time in Omaha, with the winner moving on to play again on Tuesday while the loser end’s their season in one of the most painful ways imaginable: a loss to your rival.

The game begins at 1 p.m. and will air on ESPN.

The Aggies won their game against Texas earlier this year, 12-9 on March 29 in Austin, but when it comes to bragging rights, this is the game that will matter. History, unfortunately, is not on A&M’s side, with Texas winning 88 games in 38 trips to Omaha, both College World Series records, while the Ags have won only two games in seven trips. But once the first pitch is thrown, none of that history will matter. And while nobody is going to take all that history away from the Longhorns’ program, an A&M win would go a long way in silencing the baseball smack talk from those in Austin for quite some time.