Sink or swim Time to take the floaties off and let these guys go


A lot is being thrown around right now about the scheme and the youth of this Texas A&M football team. Only one of those things can really be switched up right now, the other comes with time. So how can we address the youth and experience of this team after a crushing loss and the Alabama Crimson Tide looming? It’s time to sink or swim and become the aggressor. To start, this is a 3-2 football team that is a couple of good breaks in our favor from being 1-4. If Miami never fumbles the punt or recovers our muffed punt, that game could’ve ended differently. If KJ Jefferson protects the ball on the one yard line or Arkansas makes the FG, that easily could’ve been a loss. The same could be said for us having bad breaks against Appalachian State and Mississippi State that could’ve led to us winning those games. Obviously, a couple of plays can swing an entire game, but it feels like we’re too comfortable just hoping those plays go in our favor. In these first five games we have yet to go on the attack for an extended period of time and instead have gone to an extremely conservative approach. Why? To try and protect our youth and inexperience.