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NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Texas A&M Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Robert already gave you one post game but tonight you get two mainly because after a season like this a game like this deserves multiple thoughts.

We needed this game in the worst possible way. We needed some level of hope going into the offseason for recruiting purposes, for the fan base, but more than anything as a proof of concept that this year was an odd year and maybe not the norm. I don’t know we just needed this damn year.

I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, or the rest of the offseason but for now let’s just enjoy this one. Let’s break it down


This type of season has the capacity to break a team. But I thought it was a good dang sign that Antonio Johnson, despite being a pretty sure fire first round pick, decided to come back in a meaningless game a couple of weeks ago against Auburn. Then, Devon Achane…with nothing to play for, came back from injury and had the game of his life.

We’ve heard a lot of rumors from outsiders about what’s going on with this team but we’ve also heard that this team is still playing hard and fighting for each other. We saw that tonight.


Conner ended the game 12/18 for 155 with 2 TDs and 21 rushing yard. He took care of the ball. Very efficient game by him.

The story of this game was Moose Muhammad and his 5 catches for 94 yards, including two LMFAO WTF OMG catches along with Devon Achane with 38 carries for 215. What a game for those two.

I was nervous coming out of the second half because I thought we’d turtle. But somehow that fumble return by Demani lit us up again.

Big night for this young offense.


Durkins’s bend but dont break defense worked for us because we had an offense that was able to move the ball and Durkins guys weren’t on the field the entire game. The stats aren’t anything phenomenal, we gave up 384 yards but we got stops when we needed them. And more than anything we won the damn turnover battle. This year turnovers have plagued us and it’s so nice to come out ahead on this one.


Everyone who played a significant role on this offense for this win (aside from Achane) is a freshman or a sophomore. 3 of our top 5 tacklers on defense were freshmen or sophomores (to go along with AJ and Demani). This team is young. Tonight we saw just how talented they are.


A lot is probably going to happen over the next few weeks. Firings, changes, etc. I don’t know how it’s all going to work out. The portal looms large.

But let’s just savor this win. We just ended a god awful year by beating a top 5 LSU team at Kyle Field.

Putting all else aside (and there’s a lot to put aside) that feels pretty darn good and we deserve to feel good for a bit.