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Our long national nightmare of a losing streak is over

Massachusetts v Texas A&M

Listen man I’m not going to look down on a single loss given how this year has gone. If anyone expected this team to win going away (34-point spread lmao when we haven't scored 34 points all damn year) then you were set up for disappointment.

It wasn't pretty, it wasn't even easy to watch (for multiple reasons given that the SEC Network+ feed kept going out), and every single issue we’ve had all year long showed its ugly head but we won a game for the first time since September. It doesn't feel good but it sure as hell feels better than losing.


Conner finished 11/19 for 191 with 1 TD. He was fairly efficient with the ball and probably would have had a much better performance had we been able to hold on to the ball had our offensive line been able to block anyone.

Moose came back (sleeveless!) to catch 3 balls for 76 and Thomas/Green added another few catches for 40 some odd yards apiece.

We ran for 213 yards, a lot of which came on that last drive from LeVeon Moss.

The OL was bad, and the fumbles (5 of them!) have to stop.


In the first quarter, UMASS had a 13-play drive for 72 yards which was really disheartening to see because it mainly came on the backs of us running a 3-man front. They ended the game with 168 yards, which means they got 96 yards for the rest of the game. That’s good...we did what we were supposed to do against a really bad team. We should be happy with that.

Moreover, we saw the emergence of a few key youngsters. Malick Sylla and Martrell Harris flashed a speed rush that we’ve been needing to see all year long.

Not pretty but given how this year has gone, there are some positives to take.


We’re not a good football team. I’ve said all year long that we’re a talented group that’s poorly coached and this game did nothing to change my mind. The team isn't dumb, they know this season is a wash. I think they’re still playing, but I think they’re just like us and ready for this dang season to end so they can start moving forward and past this year.

One more game before we move into a much-needed offseason. We’re not where we thought we’d be at this point in the year but right now we’re in a better spot than where we have been the past few weeks.

BTHO lsu