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I cant believe I just sat through that shit

Texas A&M v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

A&M lost to Auburn 13-10. You don't want to read this I don't want to write it so let’s just get it over with.

Good for Cadillac Williams.


Was discombobulated. Conner wasn't good and it was partially him and also mainly the trash route combos we were running. The damn announcers kept talking about how we were screwing Conner over by having 2x2 formations with everyone running downfield.

Achane didn't play, Moose was in the doghouse for whatever reason, Max got hurt (but is thankfully ok).

Devin Price had a great grab.

Jimbo's offense finally scored a touchdown late after like 4 straight quarters of nothing.


After a crap first half the defense settled in. Second-half defense was good enough to win if we had a play-caller who was worth a damn. But we don't. Defense forced multiple turnovers (and even more given the refs-more on that in a minute) but hey in this scheme you have to hold the opposing team to negative points so we’re screwed either way


No one knows what targeting is. Two yards short of a first down is now a first down. Fumbles are no longer fumbles. Whatever.


1-6, 3-6 on our way to a likely 4-8 season. Incredibly talented but poorly coached team.

BTHO umass