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Ole Miss v Texas A&M Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

This season is slowly breaking me emotionally. Every single week we find a new hellish way to lose...and like lose in a way that you feel awful but also you have a glimmer of hope for whatever reason. Maybe I’m just a sucker and in an unhealthy relationship with this program. In fact, I know that I am. But like...there are equal parts really really good and oh god so very awful from this game that I don’t know what to feel.

Is this what football purgatory is like? Maybe that’s optimistic.

I don't know. Let’s break it down


5 Star players do 5-star things and this is the perfect example of so good but so bad. Conner Weigman had the best performance we’ve seen at Kyle Field by a QB since Kellen against Florida in 2020. He finished the game 28/44 (64%) for 338 with 5 TDs and no turnovers. He was good enough to get us within 3 points at the end. He was good enough to get us that first down with a ball that bounced off of not often used Blake Smith’s hands. Conner is the future and it’s absolutely maddening that he hasn't seen the field up until now because it’s 100% obvious that he’s better than any of the guys on the roster we’ve seen.

And you put a different more decisive QB out there and everyone looks better. Moose Muhammad had 8 catches for 112. Evan had 6 for 88. Achane had 25 carries for 138. The offensive line looked solid. Lots of things to like.

But get that middle two quarters where we scored 0 American points. You have the offense going for 115 rushing yards in the first half and then 27 in the second.

Conner and this group played about as well as you could within this offensive scheme. There’s a lot of reason to be hopeful for the rest of the year vis a vis the offense. Whether those hopes will come true is up in the air given the person holding the playsheet.


I mean. Before this game, the defense was holding this program together. But I suppose Lane Kiffin was mad at DJ Durkin and wanted to prove a point. They didn't even throw for 150 yards. They didn't have to. We gave up 390 rushing yards. THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY. We gave up numerous third and longs, we were running a 4-1-6 so the middle of the field was wide open resulting in big plays there to be had by their QB.

We can't find a way to play complimentary football. We just can't do it. It seems like everyone takes turns messing up. And that’s so frustrating to watch because, again, the talent is undeniably there.


The offense that went out there tonight could beat anyone left on our schedule. The defense that went out there tonight could lose to anyone on our schedule. Before this game, I would have said that the defense was in position to hold every team left on the schedule to a decent number of points and the offense was in position to struggle with every single team left. We’ve switched spots which means we’re in the exact same place as we were.

It is hard to say this but we’re going to struggle to make a bowl this year. And that’s really disappointing. We saw some good stuff on the field today, but we saw a lot of bad stuff too.

In short...I can't remember a more frustrating year of Aggie Football and truthfully that’s not just about the record. We are oozing with potential but potential doesn't mean a damn thing unless you actually make things happen.

BTHO florida