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The Aggies drop below .500

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Credit to South Carolina. They took advantage of our mistakes, and then put their foot on our throat later. All due respect to those bastards from South Carolina. Actually today you arent bastards. I salute you as Rivals do.

Defense close your ears for now. This doesn't really apply to you.

This team wasn't ready to play today. Plain and simple. Jimbo did not have his team ready to play. We can point to execution all day long but yet again it's on the coaches to get the team to execute.

After spotting a motivated Gamecock team 17 points to start the game through general dumbassery and poor performance, the Aggies stormed back to make it a one-score situation based on a solid running game, and really really good defensive play.

But you can't spot someone 17 points on the road in an SEC game and expect to win. Especially with a dysfunctional offense.

Let’s get into it.


Haynes left the game with an injury and was 17/32 for 178 yard with 1 TD and one bad INT. He added 19 yards on the ground. In a game where he was hobbled all game long he made some gutsy plays. It’s just not enough.

Conner was expected to get playing time in this game and did so under duress and looked like a true freshman making his first start on the road in a bad situation. Finished the game 8/15 for 91 yards.

This is Conner’s team moving forward. It better me.

But then at the end when you just let him sling the ball he started moving us down the field pretty well. It’s pretty amazing that a talented QB can play well when there’s less thinking and more doing.

Achane finished the game with 20 carries for 99 yards.

Evan Stewart saved us over and over again. I love Evan Stewart

The depleted offensive line had a bad day with 8 false start penalties, QBs under duress, and a bad snap leading to a South Carolina TD.

This is a really talented poorly coached offense.


Gave up 277 yards 109 rushing and 168 passing. I thought they played well Third down was an issue with a lot of long conversions but they did their part. They arent the reason we lost this game. They’re the dadgum reason we were in it in the first place...including that fourth down stop late in the 4th to give the team a chance.

And how about those youngsters man. If this team can stay together they’ll be a formidable group


We have yet to score more than 21 points against a power 5 team this year. Thaint getting it down.

And ultimately Jimbo is going to point to execution and you know what? He’s right! You cant give up that many points to start a game! You cant have bad snaps!


The offense let the team down. Jimbo Fisher’s offense is letting down this program.

BTHO ole miss