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We’re playing South Carolina, so here are some Cock jokes

If you’re too mature to think this is funny, please do not read.

University of South Carolina vs Texas A&M University Set Number: X158574 TK1

WARNING: This article includes inappropriate humor. If that’s not your thing, you’re better than the rest of us and should feel free to click away now.

Texas A&M plays the South Carolina Gamecocks this week, and even the most mature of us is likely fighting the urge to make a few ill-fated attempts at cock-based humor at their expense. Well in the name of scratching that itch, I compiled my best worst Gamecock jokes all in one article.

  • The Cocks have gotten so good at sucking all on their own that I assume they got that Marilyn Manson rib removal surgery.
  • The Cocks have got to be chafed after getting beaten eight times in a row.
  • South Carolina is -8 in turnovers all time versus Texas A&M. The Cocks do not show very good ball security.
  • Don’t choose a Texas A&M offensive lineman as your wingman this weekend. I’m told they’re notorious Cock blockers.
  • South Carolina is Sea Grant school, so I guess you could call their male students...
  • South Carolina has only won the time of possession battle once in eight tries vs. A&M. That’s not very good Cock management.
  • Starting as a technical college for working professionals, I’m told the University of South Carolina was originally named Pro State.
  • South Carolina is so good at sealing an A&M victory, they should be renamed the Caulks.
  • South Carolina has wet the bed so man times against Texas A&M, they should be renamed the Pee Cocks.
  • Once Spencer Rattler transferred to South Carolina his NIL logo made a lot more sense.

If you too need to get an awful joke out of your system, leave it in the comments and we’ll all secretly giggle while pretending we don’t find these juvenile attempts at humor funny.