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Yet again I’m at a loss

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

There’s so much blame to go around here. I can legitimately point to every single part of this team as having contributed to this loss. And whenever part of the team contributes to a loss the only person you can really blame is the head coach.

Yeah, we can look at the 10-point shift in the blocked field goal, or the fumble inside the 6 by Achane, or the number of missed INTs we had in the first half—certainly we’re not good enough to win a game without catching those breaks, but like even if we had gotten those plays would we still have won? I really don’t know. We’re a talented team but we’re not a very good one right now. Let’s break it down and it’s a loss so I’m not going to bother looking at stats because only one stat matters.


A key part of why Jimbo’s teams have been able to achieve anything at A&M is complimentary football. Offense being able to get a few 3rd down conversions to give the defense some rest. Defense getting stops and leaving time on the clock so that the offense can operate pressure free. We don't have either of those right now. The defense is ok but man we can't get off the dang field. I don't know how many third down conversions Miss. State had (again I’m not looking at the stats) but it was a lot. We don't play complimentary football.


Jimbo has said he wants his QB to be the eraser for bad plays. Neither of these guys is good enough. Each is good at what the other is bad at (Haynes as a playmaker, and Max at holding on to the ball) but like none of that is good enough. It’s time for Conner Weigman. Will he be better than what we’ve seen? I don’t know but we need solutions right now to a larger problem (discussed next) and right now it doesn't seem like Max or Haynes is that guy. Its great that Haynes came out there and made a few plays, but I mean two interceptions? That’s just who he is.


We know about the offensive play calling, it needs work and it needs improvement and it needs someone different. But it’s a bit frustrating to have only taken a step forward at one spot where we changed coaches—WRs with James Coley. The defense is slightly worse. The OL is slightly worse. The TEs are non-existent. Youth absolutely plays a role in that, we’re playing upwards of 20 true freshmen, but we need production now. That’s on coaching. That’s on Jimbo. We need an offensive coordinator, but we need improvement across the board.


Man last year after the Miss St. loss I was about as low as I could possibly be. I’m not quite there right now because I died a little during App. State but I’m pretty low. Next week we get Bama and unless Jimbo is able to pull another rabbit out of his hat, we’re going to be 3-3 going into the break and in need of answers.

We got blown out today. It’s been a while since we got blown out—maybe Bama 2020. It doesn't feel great to me. Wonder how it feels to Jimbo.

Lots of questions and the answers are on this team, I think. Just don't know if we’ll actually do anything about it.

BTHO alabama