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Jimbo Fisher leads Texas A&M to national championship game (broadcast)

Another first for this proud program

Texas A&M v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

When Jimbo Fisher was hired, it was done with the intention of bringing Texas A&M to college football’s biggest stage. Four years later, consider that mission accomplished, as Jimbo Fisher and his Aggie coaching staff will lead their team onto the field in a quest for a title talk about what Alabama and Georgia are doing as a part of ESPN’s National Championship Megacast.

“While playing in the national championship game is Texas A&M’s ultimate goal, having Coach Fisher and our staff featured on ESPN2’s ‘Film Room’ broadcast provides comparable exposure, according to our metrics. And in the end, that’s just as good,” said Chet Norsworth, Texas A&M Executive Director of the Strategic Promotions Integration Network. “In fact, when you factor in travel costs, being featured on the Megacast is actually a more cost-effective promotional tool than playing in the game, so this is an unmitigated win for the Aggie program.”

Jimbo Fisher is the only current SEC head coach outside of Nick Saban to win a national championship, is the only former assistant to beat Saban, and has led his Aggie program to the third-most wins in the conference over the past four seasons (behind only Alabama and Georgia). So he was the clear choice to talk about these two powerhouse programs. Also I don’t know if you heard, but Texas A&M recently landed the top recruiting class of all time.