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Texas A&M baseball reveals 2022 uniforms

These are some beauties

There’s a lot of excitement around Texas A&M baseball in 2022, now led by new head coach Jim Schlossnagle. And as the beginning of the season nears, the Aggies unveiled their uniforms for the season, and boy, some of these are simply fantastic.

  • From left to right in the first photo, we have:
  • White with maroon pinstripes with script “Aggies”
  • Maroon with white “Texas A&M” in vertically arched lettering
  • Gray with script “Texas A&M”
  • Gray with traditional “Texas Aggies” mark
  • White with throwback “Texas Aggies” block lettering
  • White with traditional “Texas Aggies” mark
  • White with script “Aggies”
  • Maroon with new “Texas A&M Aggies” mark

By far the biggest addition here is the return of the “Texas Aggies” mark, which had not been seen in decades, and is very reminiscent what was worn in what many consider A&M’s baseball heyday of the 1990s.

The team has also gone back to almost exclusively using button-down jerseys, after wearing mostly V-necks in 2021. And it appears that one of the unfortunate holdovers from previous seasons is the cap logo, which still features a gray outline/bevel. Personally, I’d love to see a plain white block T logo on a maroon cap, no beveling or outlining necessary.

But overall, this is a fantastic set. Perhaps bordering on too many options (personally I think you could have gotten rid of the two options on the far left and streamlined things a bit), but the return of the Texas Aggies mark rights a lot of wrongs, and continuing to use the script marks from the previous two years is a welcome carryover.

The Aggies’ 2022 season begins three weeks today, when they host Fordham for a weekend series at Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park beginning Friday, Feb. 18.