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SEC Shorts: Hope moves on to Texas A&M

Let the heartbreak begin

Throughout the 2021 season, SEC Shorts has chronicled Georgia’s long-running relationship with Hope, how Hope has made them believe time and time again only to rip their hearts out and leave them broken on the floor. But over the course of the season, Georgia was able to finally embrace Hope once again, culminating with their National Championship on Monday night.

But now, with a title in hand, Georgia doesn’t need Hope any more, so it’s time to move on. Her destination? Texas A&M (via a lucrative NIL deal, of course).

With Jimbo Fisher leading the charge and a No. 1 recruiting class on the way, it makes sense that the Aggies would be Hope’s next destination. And while we may experience some heartbreak along the way, hopefully (heh) the end result is the same.