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‘The Pulse’ is back

Your weekly Aggie Football hype fuel has arrived

One of the best parts of the beginning of any new Texas A&M football season is the premiere of “The Pulse,” the weekly docu-series produced by 12th Man Productions. This Emmy-award winning (seriously) is now in its eighth season, and chronicles the ups and downs of the Texas A&M season, and especially during the ups, is a must watch. Last year, thanks to the team’s 9-1 record and Orange Bowl win, was one of the first times in a long time that this was a weekly watch from start to finish for me (it can be tough to muster the motivation to watch it when we’re looking at another 7-5 season), so let’s hope we get another one of those this year!

This premiere episode covers fall practice, the return of a full Kyle Field, the red, white and blue out, and of course, A&M’s 41-10 win over Kent State to start the season 1-0.