Texas A&M favored to knock off Razorbacks in Fayetteville

Texas A&M hasn't gotten off the strongest of starts. Sure they've won all their games, but it just hasn't been the way they wanted to win them.

A lot of that has to do with the injury at QB, but nobody in the SEC is going to care about that injury. The expectations are still that Arkansas should be competing for a playoff spot. Anything else will be considered a failure this season.

Lucky for them, the public does believe that Aggies got an easy start to their SEC schedule.


Texas A&M is the only road favorite against a ranked team this week. They're 5 point favorites, and they're given -200 odds to win the game outright. That's a 66.7% chance to win. Meanwhile, Arkansas is given +176 odds, or an implied 36.2% chance to pull the upset.

Matchup history

Texas A&M and Arkansas have played 77 times in their history. Texas A&M has only won 33 of those. However, they have won the last 9 times these two teams have played.

Now to be totally fair, only one of those games was played on the road. That said, Texas A&M has won their last 2 games played on the road against Arkansas. So, it's not like they're struggling much on the road either.


Texas A&M simply has to win this game. They can't afford for Arkansas to be a stumbling block if they're going to compete in the SEC this year. It's just that simple.

If they don't win on Saturday it feels the season may as well just be over given how tough the SEC is this year.

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