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Jimbo Fisher’s hilarious ESPN commercial

Sweet Home Alabama my butt.

If you watched Texas A&M’s win over New Mexico on Saturday on SEC Network, it was hard to miss head coach Jimbo Fisher’s presence, not just on the sideline, but on commercials! He was on several spots promoting ESPN’s Marty & McGee podcast, which features Marty Smith and Ryan McGee.

The best of these spots (which you can view above), features the trio riding in a pickup truck as “Sweet Home Alabama” plays on the radio. Marty and McGee sing along joyfully, while Jimbo glares at them scornfully. He soon changes the radio dial until he finds “If you’re gonna play in Texas” (ironically performed by the band Alabama), and the three all start singing along together as they drive on down the road.

It’s not all that often that we see this playful side of Jimbo, so it was fun to see him have some fun in this ad (which I assume was filmed during Colorado game week prep).