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Colorado Playlist: Afterparty at Casa Bonita

That John Denver’s full of it.

This is where the magic happens

Hello, it’s good to see all 3 of you again. It has been a little while since we have all been in the same place at the same time in quite a long while. What’s up with me? Oh not much. Thanks for asking. Oh yeah, I moved back to the states 3 months ago, so that’s new.

That’s right nerds, DADDY’S HOME!

That was the original intro to last week’s article that will be forever lost in the ether. Couple of technical errors and back of house stuff was mixed up, but we are back. Last weeks article would have been a doozy. Did you know Michael Keaton and the members of Devo went to school there?

I had this weird Batman plot where Devo were the villains and obviously their catch phrase was “Whip It.” It was not great, there is a reason why this writing thing never really took off.

Now here we are, number five in the country and headed to the land of leafy greens and trust fund hippies. I have a hard time talking any kind of shit about Colorado. It is the only other state I would have no problem living in. Also, it’s the state my wife lived in when we first started dating. And that worked out pretty well...

That’s right, your boy is becoming a daddy. So I have to continue writing this article until 2040, and hopefully A&M will give me a lump sum to stop at that point to pay for this kid’s school.

It’s good to be home, it’s good to watch college football at normal times and not have to wake up at 2 AM to watch my beloved Ags. I’ve got a 12 pack of Colorado Kool Aid iced down. Have fun, be safe and BTHO colorado!