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Texas A&M to recreate 2001 Red, White and Blue Out this Saturday

The iconic scene just days after 9/11 returns to Kyle Field 20 years later

We are nearing the 20-year anniversary of one of the darkest moments in American history, as the 9/11 attacks are singed into the memories of everyone that witnessed them unfold to this day. But it also led to one of the most inspiring and iconic moments in Kyle Field history: The Red, White and Blue Out.

In remembrance of this 20-year anniversary, Texas A&M fans will once again set their maroon gear aside on Saturday in order to let our country’s colors fill the stands of Kyle Field.

The coordination of this event still dumbfounds me, especially considering this was before the advent of social media. Word was spread via phone calls, message boards and email chains, and that’s not even taking into account the logistical nightmare of producing and selling tens of thousands of shirts in a matter of days.

I was a freshman in the stands at this game, and I can remember the strange combination of overwhelming patriotism and underlying fear of when another attack might take place. To this day it is still my most cherished memory inside that stadium, and I’m excited to see it replicated on Saturday.

If you’re headed to the game on Saturday, you can purchase the shirt at the locations below, and check what color you’re supposed to wear using this seating chart.

RWB Out shirts available on gameday at:

  • 12th Man Shop locations
  • three stations inside the North activation towers
  • two stations on North and West top-level concourses