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Haynes King’s football coach dad reacts to his son being named Texas A&M’s QB

The opposite of ‘coachspeak’

Redshirt freshman Haynes King was named Texas A&M’s starting quarterback earlier this week, and he dad, Longview High School Head Coach John King, shared his thoughts on what it means for Haynes to be named starter during media availability on Thursday.

Obviously whichever QB won the job was going to have some exceptionally proud parents, but there’s something that feels extra special about this since Hayne’s dad is a legendary high school coach (and Haynes’ former coach). During the interview you see him shift multiple times between responding as a coach and responding as a dad, and it’s heartwarming to see him beam with pride about what his son as accomplished. It’s also hard to hear John talk about football and what he’s told Haynes - about maintaining his relationship with backup Zach Calzada and how the battle isn’t over yet - and not be even more excited about his potential running this offense this fall.