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‘It’s time to just sack up and go play the the game’


Texas A&M Spring Game Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

We’ve heard a lot of people’s thoughts on Texas and Oklahoma coming to the SEC, but for A&M fans, not many of those will carry as much weight as the words from Johnny Manziel, who was asked about it during a media session at the Texas State Open in Tyler, where Manziel and former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo are playing under sponsor exemptions.

Nothing Manziel said was groundbreaking, but it’s what A&M leadership should have been saying all along.

“I think Texas A&M is in a great position no matter if Oklahoma or Texas decide to come, and it looks like they’re going to. So I think it’s great competition for the league, and I think it will make our conference better. And lucky for A&M, we have a nine, almost 10 year head start on both of those teams being in the SEC. So, ya know, the rivalry’s been gone for a while and now it looks like it’s gonna come back, so it’s time to just sack up and go play the the game. Ya know, we’re in a good position, we have a good coach, we have a good team. If they want to come to the SEC and see what it’s all about, we welcome them with open arms. But it is no cakewalk, and it is not the Big 12, so it should be interesting to see how things play out.”

Couldn’t agree more, Johnny. Couldn’t agree more.