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What would these college football players’ personal logos looked like if they’d had NIL?


Today marked the first day that college athletes can legally profit from the use of their name, image and likeness (NIL), and many are already cashing in on the opportunity, inking sponsorships and starting personal brands.

But we had to wonder, what would some the personal brand logos of some former Aggie players and other college greats look like if they’d had NIL during their playing days?

2014-2018: Cullen Gillaspia, FB/LB (Texas A&M)

2014-16: Myles Garrett, DL (Texas A&M)

2012-14: Jameis Winston, QB (Florida State)

2013-14: Jay Arnold, DL (Texas A&M)

2011-14: Floyd Raven, DB (Texas A&M)

2006-09: Tim Tebow, QB (Florida)

1992-95: Tommie Frazier, QB (Nebraska)

1992-95: Leeland McElroy, RB (Texas A&M)

1979-82: Eric Dickerson, RB (Texas A&MSMU)

1907-1912: Jim Thorpe, RB (Carlisle)