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Homefield just launched their vintage Texas A&M apparel line

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You might have thought the Orange Bowl victory over North Carolina was Texas A&M’s biggest moment of 2021, but that pales in comparison to what happened today: Texas A&M is now a Homefield Apparel school. The Ags are Homefield’s “Big New Saturday” school for this week, a 16-week launch of new schools that already includes Notre Dame, LSU and Texas (shakes fist).

You can check out the Texas A&M collection here and use the promo code GOODBULL at checkout to receive 15% off of your first order.

You might think that a new selection of vintage T-shirts and hoodies doesn’t rise to the level of a New Year’s Six bowl win, but that’s clearly coming from someone who hasn’t seen these designs or felt how soft these shirts are. Homefield digs through the archives and history of schools to find the best logos, mascots, memories and stories to tell, and the result is unique designs tailored to each school instead of a cookie cutter design template shared by virtually every other college team.

And if simply owning an awesome piece of clothing isn’t enough motivation, Homefield also tracks each school’s sales numbers and pits them against one another. Now I’m not saying you’re a bad Aggie if you don’t help us beat Texas, but, well, that’s just something you’ll have to rectify with yourself.