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Texas A&M early enrollee Shadrach Banks enters the transfer portal

So much for that North Shore pipeline

One of Texas A&M’s biggest 2021 football signees was four-star receiver Shadrach Banks. Beyond his talent, Banks also represented the first recruit from Texas football powerhouse Galena Park North Shore to sign with the Aggies in decades. His signing seemed to open the door for future recruits from one of the biggest talent producers in the state.


Normally these transfers are easily explained away. They’re often players who have spent a year or tow in the program and are buried on the depth chart who are looking to earn playing time elsewhere. But Banks has only been on campus for a few months, and hasn’t even gone through a fall camp, let alone a season. While he was unlikely to earn a significant starting role in 2021 with the Aggies returning their entire receiving corps (plus adding a couple experience pieces), that was something he was likely well aware of when he signed in December and enrolled in January. It goes to show that we very often don’t know the full story.

While A&M still has a strong group of receivers, you always hate to lose a talented player, especially such a young one with years to improve. This kinda sucks.