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EDSBS Charity Bowl 2021

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How to donate and show that Aggies know how to sling money around

Ja’’Mar Toombs

HOWDY! The EDSBS Charity Bowl has been happening every year now for quite a while, and this year’s version is in full swing.

Here are the details/instructions/what-have-you:

STEP ONE: just click the link! You can read more about the charity here. Once you’re on the site there will be a drop-down with an option to select TEXAS A&M, and also a box for you to write about what game you are commemorating. Be sure to select our school in the drop-down!

STEP TWO: Hit that “Submit” button and get one of these lovely personalized messages right on your device:

STEP THREE: follow along and see how we’re stacking up against certain other colleges...

It’s all in good fun and all for a good cause, but still...WE CAN AND SHOULD BEAT TEXAS.

(Follow along here to track the totals, over $300,000 has been raised so far.)