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Texas A&M basketball might just play basketball


Andre Gordon Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M hasn’t played a basketball since Jan. 30 (a 68-61 win over Kansas State) due to COVID-19, , and won’t this weekend either, with the Feb. 27 game at Missouri also getting postponed. But as we enter March that unfortunate streak might just be coming to an end next weekend. A&M has a game on the books for Wednesday, March 3, versus Mississippi State, and it was also announced today that they will attempt to make up their game at Arkansas (originally scheduled for Feb. 6) on Saturday, March 6.

The team is currently 8-7, and 2-6 in SEC play, so there wasn’t too much hope of significant postseason play to begin with. But it would have been nice for this team to get a full schedule in during coach Buzz Williams’ second year at the helm. As it is, they just hope to get in a game or two before (hopefully) playing in the SEC Tournament beginning March 10.