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A running list of Texas A&M’s 2022 football signees

Actual Christmas is still 9 days away, but recruiting Christmas is officially upon us. It’s National Signing Day, which means that whether a recruit has been committed to your school for a year or an hour, today is the day they can sign their National Letter of Intent to make things official. It’s a day these recruits have dreamed about for years, and a day that fans hope to remember for years to come, and that may have never been more true than this year for the Aggies.

With the top class in school history, and pushing for the No. 1 class in the country, Aggie fans have every reason to be exceptionally optimistic that this can be a class that will do great things in Aggieland in the coming seasons.

Follow along as we keep a running list of the recruits who have officially signed with Texas A&M




Committed but not yet signed:

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