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Upgrade your Aggie wardobe with Homefield Apparel’s Cyber Monday sale

20% off their insanely comfortable shirts and hoodies

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The end of the Texas A&M football season was a bit of a disappointment. But you know what never disappoints? The comfort and style of Homefield Apparel.

But sales pitch aside, they’re currently having a Cyber Monday sale, with 20% off all products on the site, including their awesome Texas A&M collection that launched this summer. I own almost half of this collection myself, so I can attest to how awesome this stuff actually is.

As we enter into the holiday season, this is a great time to get some awesome stuff at a great price, whether it’s for someone else or even for yourself, whether it’s a product or just a Homefield gift card. This sale ends today (Monday), and items are subject to sell out, so Homefield recommends ordering as early as possible so their warehouse and shipping carriers have plenty of time to get shirts out for the holiday season.

Additionally, in true Homefield fashion, they’ve turned this sale into a competition between schools, with the winning school getting limited edition joggers that will release on the site in 2022. So if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your legs’ future happiness. GO GET YOUR SOME HOMEFIELD!