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What a kick in the junk that was

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Guys I’m at a loss for words. I have written post games after blowout losses, big wins, close losses, you name it and I’ve experienced it and processed through it in a post-game. This one is a new one for me.

First off, credit to Coach Orgeron and the Tigers for getting the job done. They were the better team today for the vast majority of the game including the ending. They made more clutch plays than we did. I dont think they wanted it more or any such nonsense, but they were better prepared to win this game than we were. What a way to send Coach Orgeron off to whatever is up next for him.

I had lost hope early in the game. It seemed to be following the same script as our other 3 losses. Give up yards, cant run the ball, rely on Zach, and end up doing too little too late. But then we started coming back. Then we started getting yards and stops.

When we were struggling offensively I thought to myself that this game was going to come down to who made a mistake first. LSU gave us opportunities but unfortunately, we made the first mistake. And then we made another one. And then another one. And then we kept shooting ourselves in the foot until we had no more feet. No feet were left they were all shot. It’s stunning when you cant really just point out one mistake when it was just a cavalcade of just utter ridiculousness that led to a 3 point loss. Let’s track it down.

Up 24-20 with 3 minutes and change and we get the ball back. Ooops there’s a personal foul pushing us back to like the 10 yard line. All we need is a first down. Would be great to put our dynamic speed back in but he’s nowhere to be found. We get 8 yards setting up a very manageable 3rd and 2. And then Jimbo calls the strangest damn play I’ve ever seen. I dont know if it was an RPO I dont know if it was a designed throw for a right-handed QB to run to his left and throw to a TE. I just don't know. That might have been the strangest play I’ve seen in recent memory.

No worries! Punt the ball, get a stop and all is well. Oh hey we had possession...but then no we didnt. Cant leave the game in the refs hands. Cant do it.

We know how that offensive drive for LSU ended.

20 seconds left to get into field goal range...and we have a drop and 2 sacks. Maybe 3. I don't know I’ve intentionally blocked it from my mind.

Before the game started I had a bad feeling about this one. LSU has a talented roster that just hasn't been able to click for the past two years. We needed to play a clean game in order to win, and we didn't do that, but we were still in a position to win the game. Hell, we had the damn game won...until we didn't.

I could go through the stats I could go through the numbers, we could look at quarter-by-quarter comparisons but I genuinely don't want to right now.

What a silly way to lose a football game.

Four losses this year thus far. All of them were tremendously winnable games but we didnt do it. It’s not one thing...not just personnel, not just coaching, not just execution. We had full-scale systemic failures in all three areas in all four games.

What a strange damn way to lose a game.

BTHO the bowl opponent and recruiting.