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LSU Playlist: The Name of Band Is....

Down. On. The. Bayou!

This won’t be a long article this week as I am still recovering from mainlining gravy for the past 3 days. Plus I am late as shit writing this thing.

It has been a season guys. Maybe not the one we exactly wanted, but one full of up and downs and in-betweens. And maybe, just maybe, the season was all about the song we listened to along the way.

If any of you followed me this entire season we started with a Run the Jewels remix featuring the Mexican Institute of Sound, I announced I will be bringing another pretentious music nerd into this world, Drake, Kanye, Adele, CHVRCHES, Sleigh Bells, Low, Kacey Musgraves, Foo Fighters, Madlib, Leon Bridges, Japanese Breakfast and Brandi Carlisle all released new music this year, which was all sprinkled in throughout these playlists. That is a fucking journey.

I am thankful for the pirate ship here at GBH. These guys let me run with whatever non-football related idea I have. Also, thank you to whoever enjoys this very dumb article week after week, it allows me to indulge my musical tastes and lets me fantasize that I have any cool points left.

So one last game Ags. Give me energy that Cowboy Mouth gives at every single performance.

Holy shit, I forgot how fantastic Cowboy Mouth, so they get the coveted article title. Because the name of the band is, COWBOY MOUTH!

Have fun, be safe, let FTAB play Neck and BTHO lsu!