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FILM ROOM: Aggies execute and dominate

Seniors go out right and future stars shine in last home game of 2021.

NCAA Football: Prairie View A&M at Texas A&M Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Games like Saturday’s tilt vs PraIrie View A&M don’t offer much in the way of scheming up game great game plans but do show insight into the mentality of the heavily favored team. Texas A&M checked all the boxes, played against the faceless opponent, and executed with dominance, as they should have as they captured a 52-3 victory.

Where the Aggies took it a notch higher than ideal, was the beautiful balance of seniors/underclassmen highly likely to go to the NFL making plays, with the emergence of several young stars also showing out. There was a symbolic passing of the torch at Kyle Field Saturday afternoon, and I loved it. The depth and talent of this roster were on display, and as the Aggies close in on a top 3, if not the top recruiting class in the country, Saturday was a great reminder of how bright the future is here in Aggieland.

Let's look at the film and see how the day was won.


One of the great Senior leaders of this dominating defense is the big defensive tackle, Jordan Peevy. I was really happy to see him get a sack in his last home game at Kyle!

Speaking of future stars... it’s Cooper time again! No, this guy didn't have his coming-out party Saturday... but still gives me the warm fuzzies thinking about how good he will get under Elko and company going forward. The defensive line is collapsing the pocket on this play and then Cooper pulls the pin and closes quick and hard for the sack!

No Aggie has meant more or been more versatile for the defense in the Mike Elko era than Leal, he is a selfless offense wrecker! He plays every position in the D-Line, eats up double teams, and still makes plays! Loved seeing him with this dominating sack in what is sure to be his last game at Kyle.

I think you all know what my last defensive play of the game is going to be... I still quiver a little for the Prarie View QB when I think about the Antonio Johnson hit! Textbook execution on the blitz, perfect timing, and such discipline on the hit, he legally and safely blew up the QB, a feat not easily done with today’s rules. Really happy that Hansford got the scoop and score on his senior day!


The game started off with a dominating running attack led by Spiller and Achane as usual, here is the first TD of the day. The offensive line collapses down and Wydermyer has a nice kick-out block to provide more than enough space for Spiller to do his thing!

Spiller would go on to rack up 70 yards and Achane added two scores of his own, but I want to take some time to look at the two freshman backs who had themselves a day! LJ Johnson JR is downhill, physical back that showed some wiggle and quickness Saturday. Here are a few of his best plays as he racked up 60 yards on the ground and 14 yards receiving.

Another good run by LJ, loves how well the second OL blocked along with Cooper Cupp and Muhammad as well. This team knows how to block at every position group!

Now on to the other freshman running back and one of two Miami kids who showed out Saturday, Daniels was tied for the team lead in rushing at 70 yards. Love this kid's vision and explosion through the hole!

Speaking of Freshman that Jimbo plucked out Miami, Florida... I present you with the team’s other burner not named Achane, Mr. Yulkieth Brown. He only had one carry, but it was for 45 yards and he was enough to show you this kid is a legit speed demon that will be featured in future editions of Jimbo’s offense.

Now for the leading receiver of the contest, this kid has popped a few times earlier in the year, but Saturday was definitely Moose Muhammad III’s coming out party! On this first touchdown, we see his ability after the catch to create in space and turn a good gain into a huge scoring play.


The following play was one of those jaw-dropping plays, that if you remember Moose’s first TD grab of the season vs New Mexico, we might need to expect to be his norm. This young man has great hands and apparently a knack for making the impossible look easy. Calzada shows amazing arm talent launching this ball while back-peddling, then Moose one hands this bad boy while keeping his feet in bounds. Bravo gentleman, bravo.

This game followed its expected script but did so in a way that was extra encouraging to me with how well all the young kids executed. We have been in this spot a few times previously this year vs New Mexico and South Carolina and we did see a drop off when the second and third-string guys came in. Yes, PraIrie View is not the same caliber team, but just from a confidence and execution standpoint this did look and feel different, as it should... this staff has a great reputation for player development and you can see how far this team has come.

One game left in the regular season, a night, in death valley, vs a lame-duck crazy cajun coach... with bowl eligibility and pride on the line for LSU. This game confuses me because LSU has been all over the place this year... I think it won't be easy, but also think if A&M starts fast it could get real ugly. Who knows, but overall I like our chances and I do believe it means something to win 10 games in back-to-back seasons to spring board into the offseason. Gig ’em and let's send coach O out the right way after what happened last time we had a night game at their place!