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First Glance: LSU Tigers

Once more unto the breach

NCAA Basketball: Vanderbilt at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. I hope you’re all able to have a restful and enjoyable Thanksgiving week. Here are the facts:

  • The Aggies’ last game is Saturday night at 6:00 on ESPN in Baton Rouge. It’s going to be cloudy and cool, and probably very raucous.
  • We’re playing 5-6 LSU to keep them under six wins. 2020’s self-disciplining excepted, they haven’t missed a bowl this century.
  • We’re playing a lame-duck coach in his last home game just two years removed from a national title.
  • The Aggies can still hit ten wins this year.

These are all important and tangible things to play for in the immediate sense. But this game could also go a long way in establishing the future of this team. Line up, hit them in the mouth, play the type of tough and smart football we all know this team is capable of, and we could come out of Saturday night with a solid win that could boost us into a respectable bowl game.

Lose, and we’ll just slip back into the same cycle we’re accustomed to. LSU is always dangerous.

Three years ago, we hadn’t beaten LSU in over two decades. Now we’ve got a chance to send this senior class off with a 75% win rate against them. That’s just as big a progress marker as beating Alabama in the larger scheme of A&M in the SEC. Let’s go hit them in the teeth. Thanksgiving Football is fun. Gig ‘Em.