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Frustrating night. Frustrating frustrating night

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

I don't really know where to begin with this game. This was one of the most frustrating games I’ve watched in the Jimbo Fisher era...up there with Auburn 18, Miss St 18, and Auburn 19.

And the worst part is that we’ve been here before. This was the exact same scenario as we had against Arkansas. The defense gives up oodles of yards in the first half but not a lot of points. The defense locks it down in the second half, and the offense just can't put it together to put the game away. We were in the fourth quarter down by less than a TD—we very much should have won this game.

But the difference here is that against Arkansas, Zach just couldn't get anything done. Against Ole Miss...well our play calling was bad.

Hats off to Ole Miss, Lane Kiffin and DJ Durkin for kicking our ass.

The Ags drop to 7-3 on a night where a win was there to be had. Let’s break it down.


Zach finished the night 24/41 for 237 with 2 Ints and 0 TDs. Zach had a Zach night. The problem here is that we asked him to throw the ball 41 times against an Ole Miss defense that ranked in the 100s against the run. I understand that they were selling out to stop the run but especially in the second half, the run was there. The lanes were there.

Jimbo’s playcalling late in the game was a bit baffling. Game on the line down 1 score we first ask Zach to run an RPO where he elects to throw the ball and gets it batted down. Then on second and 10 when all we needed to do was move the ball downfield and maybe hit a game-winning FG...we have a designed pass play resulting in an INT.

I don't get it man.


Achane had 12 carries for 110 yards. He averaged 9.2 yards a carry. He had 2 TDs. And we didn't give him the ball.

Hand him the ball and we win.


In the second half we gave up 96 total yards and two scores...the first score was on a pick 6 and the second was when the defense was gassed. The defense did their part in this game and I cannot find any fault with them.


Much like Arkansas, we gave up 408 yards in the first half. That’s a lot of yards. And I know it’s an unfair expectation for them to play better but if we’re looking at team stuff then that first-half performance deserves some attention.

But either way. This isn't on them. They did their part. Just like Arkansas, just like Miss St....we were within one score at the beginning of the fourth. You cant ask for much more than that. They did their job.


When the season started turning around my hopes were to split Auburn and Ole that and we are still on track for a 10 win year, which was my prediction at the start. We’re still on track but that road game against LSU, after tonight, makes me way more nervous than it should.

Bummer of a night. This was a winnable game. This game was there to be had.

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