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The Bonham Trophy Stays Home!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 23 South Carolina at Texas A&M Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Your Fightin Texas Aggies put together an absolutely dominant performance against those BASTARDS from South Carolina to the tune of a 44-14 final score.

As with last week, games against sub-par opponents are an opportunity to learn more about us than they are about the other opponent—and I think we learned a good amount today. This game was exactly what we needed going into the bye. Let’s break it down


In the fourth quarter, South Carolina had 170 yards against our backups (86 rushing/84 passing). They finished the day with a total of 185 yards (71 rushing/114 passing).

That means, through three quarters with our starters we only gave up 15 total yards. That is absolute dominance. There’s really no other way to phrase that. Our starters dominated them defensively. And sure South Carolina isn't great, but as we saw with the fourth quarter we can't just trot out our backups and expect to win.

It seems like our defense, especially the front 4, is really rounding into form. This defensive line might be the best I’ve seen at A&M—or at least there’s a good argument for them to be considered among the best. Really really hoping that Tyree Johnson comes back healthy because we’ll need him.

Absolutely dominant performance.


We know who we are at this point. Calzada finished the game 12/24 for 154 with 2 TDs and 1 bad INT. He missed a few throws, made a couple of jaw-droppers. Solid enough night for him. We can win with this kind of performance against at least 3 of our last 4 opponents.

The big story of the night, for me, is twofold: Jalen Wydermyer is back. After a slow start and a gradual crescendo over the last couple of games, Jalen put together his best game this year with 4 catches for 75 yards and 2 TDs. We need our stars to play well and Jalen is one of the biggest. He had one drop but also had one tremendous snag on an absolute laser over the middle. Great night for Jalen.

Achane and Spiller combined for 38 carries on 156 yards, which come out to 6.7 yards a carry. Very strong night for both and I really like how we use them. It seems like we ride the hot hand a bit but also recognize that Spiller is gonna soften up the defense and create the type of crease that Achane needs to burst through for a long TD run of 35 yards. Excellent night.

Ainias finally broke one on the punt return. AND THERE WERE NO FLAGS!

Last but not least—this offensive line is starting to click. They gave up 0 sacks, gave Zach plenty of time to work downfield, and paved the way for 290 yards rushing. We’ve got a starting 5 and they’re starting to play well together.


The bye week couldn't have come at a better time. This team has played 7 games straight and needs a break before we hit a rough 4 game stretch. We’re playing well—not perfectly, but pretty darn well as we go into this final stretch...and the best news for me is that we still haven't quite unleashed all of the offense, as demonstrated by that pass to Wydermyer where Foster was out front—we haven't seen that all year long!

Great night for your Aggies. Time to enjoy the bye week and gear up for a tough Auburn team.

BTHO auburn.