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South Carolina Playlist: Battle for Bonzo

A long and storied rivalry

At A&M studios, it counts!

Everyone deserves a break, right? No? OK, well I am sorry about last week. Technology can be a real son of bitch, especially when you don’t realize your Macbook has a battery issue, whoops.

Well, we all kind of slept walk through Mizzu last week anyway. All in preparation for the most bad ass rivalry trophy in all of College Football. The Bonham Trophy, named after the legendary John Bonham of Led Zeppelin.

I mean I was surprised as anyone that these two relatively conservative schools would honor one of the most legendary partiers of all time. I mean the man has lore about groupies, fish parts, insane amounts of vodka and he rode a motorcycle down the halls of the Chateau Marmont.

Looking into John’s history, he was born in Redditch, United Kingdom.... wait, what the fuck? This trophy isn’t named after The Beast? I assumed he was a proud son of South Carolina who philandered his way to the doorstep of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and they bonded over cocaine, Middle Earth and how cool it would be to make a rock band that focused on Tolkien and Dungeons and Dragons shit.

This dumb ass trophy is named after some no name who fought at the Alamo? Jesus tap dancing Christ this “rivalry” is lame. Give me those dorks in orange on the 40 acres. I can’t keep trying to make the South Carolina game a thing.

To put a bow on it, go listen to Led Zeppelin. It will make you feel better.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the cooler temperatures hot ass weather, that make it really feel like football weather. We are past the halfway point of this season, dammit. Cherish every single game. Have fun, be safe and BTHO south carolina!