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Mississippi State Playlist: Only the Potato Can Save Us

An Aggie Tradition is Being Born

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl - Akron v Utah State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Ok let’s get this out of the way:

Man, Aggie fan, you sure are a sad lot. I’ve never seen such a bunch of crying fucking babies who give up immediately. Guess what, football is hard, and sometimes other teams just have their day. Get over it, cause y’all seem soft as baby shit.

OK that’s all the football for today, no one comes to this article for that kind of nonsense. Let’s talk about what happened during the game that had nothing to do with the game. We saw the birth of an Aggie tradition in realtime. It was incredible. We must all embrace the AGGIE LUCK POTATO!

It is our only hope

Now for those of you who are not on Twitter, God bless you. It truly is a hellish landscape. But sometimes, sometimes, good things come out of it. And last Friday night our old friends from the @GBHBullcast figured out how to use Twitter spaces via a ham radio. It was madness and they ended up creating an elaborate ruse to poke fun at a few of our diehard fans. Since there were only about 60 or so of us on at the time, we had no idea if it would have any legs. But boy howdy, did it run.

And hey even Texas fan can’t keep their stupid big heads out of our business

Glorious y’all, pure chaos. And now we play a state not known for potatoes. Checks notes... aww son of bitch sweet potatoes! Mississippi is the number 3 grower of the Aggie potato’s mortal enemy.

Fuck you, you orange tubular. This cannot stand, this is a storied and week long tradition. We must defend our potato heritage and crush these orange, sometimes red or even purple imposters. And wait, what is this Mississippi Mud Cheesy Potatoes!?!?!?

Actually, those look really damn good. OK, this article is pivoting. We are just going to talk about regional recipes every week here.

I have had my thumb in my potato since Monday, I think it is now part of my hand. The things we do for fandom. Night games are fun, and this might be the only one we have all season, enjoy our fancy hate barn on this crisp 80 degree October night. Have fun, be safe and BTHO mississippi state!


Remember when I did recaps of the list? Man those were the days. No true theme this week but a killer live version of Mississippi Queen is a great way to kick it off. Tons of new stuff from Meek Mill, Strand of Oaks, Brandi Carlile and Anthony Hamilton. Plus a few classics to remind you of our potato legacy. #Gigs #SpudsforAgs