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NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Texas A&M vs North Carolina Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I’d be lying if I said that I had faith throughout this entire game. Given how we’ve played this year and the things that we know that we as a team need to do in order to looked dicey.

Think about it. Wydermyer had 1 catch for 4 yards. Spiller was dinged up in a big way and had 11 carries for 50 yards. We gave up 4 sacks. Had 9 penalties for 87 yards. Went 5 for 13 on third down.

Going into the fourth down by 7 I was pretty damn discouraged.

And then we just turn it all around. Like every single thing we turned it around. Defense gets huge stops, including on a 4th and short to ice it. We hit long passes. Devon Achane took the damn game over at RB.

We closed the game out with 24 straight points to win 41-27 and put the finishing touches on a 9-1 season that will surely have us ranked in the top 5.

Just stunning.

I don’t even know where to start in doling out superlatives. Kellen finished the game 16/26 for 232 and added 11 carries for 36 on the ground with 1 TD. When we needed him to make plays he did. Wydermyer, although quiet throughout the game, threw a key block to spring Achane (12 carries for 140!). Ainias Smith basically put the entire team on his back and had 6 receptions for 125. Buddy Johnson finished the game with 10 tackles. Future All American and Number 1 draft pick DeMarvin Leal absolutely terrorized Sam Howell (who is really good but to hell with all that this is about us). Tyree Johnson had 2 sacks.

The list goes on and on. But they did it. They overcame adversity and put this game, and this team in the history books.

Did you ever think that the group of true freshmen who started out their careers with that god awful loss to UCLA all those years ago would walk off the field as members of a top 5 team with a New Years 6 bowl ring?

What a damn story. What a damn season. In the midst of just an utterly shitty year on so many levels...we needed this.

Some of you follow me on twitter and I’ve been pretty honest about this year. My dad died back in March (not COVId related)...right at the beginning of the pandemic. This year has been hard. We’ve all faced some type of loss, whether it’s loss of a loved one, loss of predictability, or something else.

Football is an escape. It’s fun to be stressed about something that in the grand scheme of things isn’t life or death—especially when there’s so much life or death shit around us.

I don’t know where I’m going with this...but consider this my heartfelt thanks to the Aggie Football team for this year. I needed it.

In the coming weeks I’ll be writing something on Kellen Mond because I really feel compelled to...but in the mean time thanks for reading all my nonsense. I’m just a random dude with a keyboard and you could probably find someone to give you better insights into Aggie football...but I’m sure as shit glad we went on this ride together.