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Get to Atlanta.

SEC Championship - Alabama v Florida Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” - Steve Martin

In rote, predictable fashion, the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the shit out of Ohio State on Monday night for the National Championship - their sixth under Nick Saban.

In the semis, Notre Dame tried to slow the game to a crawl and play ball control against Alabama. No matter. Alabama can play anaconda football all day.

In the championship, Ohio State tried to play tempo against Alabama. No matter. Alabama can run your ass out of the stadium by halftime.

The chasm between this year’s Alabama team and the rest of the country is staggering.

The chasm between this century’s Alabama program and the rest of the country is historical.

We’re witnessing the best coach the sport has ever had retool, adapt, reload, rejuvenate, and dominate year after year.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely to have a serious take about whether or not Texas A&M belonged in the College Football Playoff.

Several weeks ago, I laid out why the system is broken.

The grave, super important suits on the Playoff Committee had to allocate two slots to three teams with decent - but flawed - cases.

Notre Dame had an undefeated regular season, but got embarrassed in the ACC Championship.

Ohio State won the Big Ten title but did so by only playing SIX games.

Texas A&M got drilled by the aforementioned Alabama (as anyone would this year), but got objectively stronger and more dominant as the year progressed.

I was transparent in my take - I didn’t think Ohio State belonged. I think you gotta play games.

In this sport, a solid - but imperfect - resume hangs you out to the subjective leanings, biases, and groupthink of pollsters, media lackeys, journos, and the Playoff Committee.

You have to endure silly conversations around ‘eye test’ or ‘resume’ or ‘schedule strength’ or ‘body of work’... Fine. That’s the cartel that we currently operate within in college football.

On Monday night, many Aggies took to Twitter to dunk on national journos (a favorite pastime of mine) and remake their cases for why A&M deserved to be in the playoff over Notre Dame and Ohio State.

I understand the catharsis. I do believe Texas A&M is one of the four best teams in the country. Your frustrations are valid. Get them out of your system because this sport has never been fair and bitching about a snub or perceived slight is a road to nowhere.

When Texas A&M joined the Southeastern Conference, I said that the football program should have one primary goal every single year.

Get to Atlanta.

Take care of business within the West division and get your asses to the Championship in Atlanta.

That extremely challenging path is at least straightforward and objective. There is no secret math or ‘eye-test’ or ‘resume’ nonsense. Win your division, go play for the league championship in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Take care of that business, and the bigger goals and opportunities are right in front of you.

We can lament or brag or posture or gripe about the No. 4 ranking to end the year.

But I assure you, history does not give a shit. Elite programs know that if it doesn’t come with a trophy, it doesn’t matter. And John Sharp trophies don’t count.

The Texas A&M football program has not won a conference championship in over 20 years.

We chose this road with Alabama, LSU, Auburn, and the others. I firmly believe that Jimbo is building something that can get the program to Atlanta and beyond.

To hell with the hot air that never stops coming out of the face holes of Klatt, Herbie, Kanell, and the rest.

Kick enough ass that there isn’t even room for a debate.

In nine months, the Aggies can beat the living hell outta Alabama at Kyle Field. Parlay it into a December trip to Atlanta.

The opportunity is right there.

Take it.