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I’m at a loss right now

Texas A&M v LSU Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

This is going to be stream of consciousness but i’m going to tell you exactly how i feel about this game


  • Ken Seals is a pretty damn good QB. I liked what I saw from the Vanderbilt offense.
  • Buddy Johnson, Demarvin Leal, Demani Richardson, and Isaiah Spiller had really good games tonight. Good for them.


My logic on supporting Kellen is simple:

  • Does the offense have issues? Yes
  • Are the issues all on personnel? No
  • Is Kellen good enough to make up for the schematic issues? No.
  • Does Kellen make our offense worse than another player would? I dont believe so. Although the turnovers are getting old.
  • Are our back up quarterbacks 100% better than Kellen to where the risk to a guy like Jimbo is worth it? No.
  • Is Jimbo gonna pull his senior QB? No

If you dont like Kellen’s I’m fine with that. But stop shitting on him. If you dont like the decision to play him then get on Jimbo for that. Kellen is who he is, and he’s one of the most frustrating players I’ve followed in my 20+ years of following Aggie football. I wanted him to be better this year but it appears that he might not be. I dont know what you do. When they go back and watch film they’ll see that Kellen was 17/28 for 189, 1 TD, and 2 Fumbles, with 18 yards on the ground. He had 55+% of our yards. And that’s with three surefire drops to start the game.

I just dont see how a QB change benefits this team. And it’s not gonna happen, so why not support our guy even if it is begrudgingly?


  • We had four turnovers in this game, two of them by our senior QB. One of them was on a 4th and short with the game seemingly on the line. What are we doing here?
  • Two huge special teams gaffes early in the game. Young players trying to make a name for themselves, but still.
  • Our OL couldn't get a push tonight against Vanderbilt.
  • We let a true freshman QB come in and light us up for a half.
  • I dont know what we’re doing with our WR rotations. Where was Demas and Moose? Do we already have our rotation set in stone?
  • The only thing that makes sense to me about not playing Spiller more was that we wanted to rest him for next week. No need for him to take wear and tear. Otherwise it makes NO SENSE AT ALL why we wouldnt hand the ball to the guy averging 15 yards a carry when we were trying to put the game away.
  • Where were the two back sets we heard about over the summer?
  • At the beginning of the game we had no speed pass rush which left our corners out on an island. Do we have a speed rush now? A consistent one?
  • Where is our sense of urgency? The offense seems out of sync and disoriented...from a play calling lense. We started the game off with three straight passes, 1 slightly behind throw and 2 drops. Why arent we just running the ball?
  •’re my guy. But how are we still having issues with a hand off to Spiller?


We play Alabama next weekend. Based on how we played tonight, buddy it’s gonna take some kind of effort to get us a win. Maybe this week is similar to playing ULM in 2014...maybe we sandbagged it tonight and we’re gonna go on the road to upset Bama like we did Auburn.

But here’s the thing. Is it weird that three years in...we’re still feeling this way about playing Alabama? Is that bad?


A win is a win. Given what has transpired over the past 8 months, the lack of spring practice and everything over the summer, it makes sense that we were rusty. Nothing about this year makes sense and perhaps it’s a reach to think that game 1 was going to make any sense at all.

Learn from it. Grow from it. It’s a win.

Time to go BTHO alabama.