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Vanderbilt Playlist: Anchors Aweigh


This article is not about this

Wie geht es euch allen? Ich hoffe alles ist großartig. In meinem Leben hat sich nicht viel geändert. Wie steht es mit deinem?


Whoops, sorry about that, sometimes in these completely normal times I forget where I am, who might be reading this, what day it is, what time it is or who I am talking to. I’m just kidding, I live in Germany during a pandemic, I don’t talk to anyone! The Germans are known for one thing and that is how friendly they are. Especially the children.

But this is not a pity party and we have football on Saturday! Holy shit, I don’t think I have ever seen this fanbase so unexcited about the first game of the season. So let’s have some fun with “Harvard of the South.”

I feel that the ‘Dores, is that what we call them? The damn ‘Dores? Whatever, let’s just call them the Nerds. The Nerds need to really lean into the “smarter than you” stick up their ass. And really it would not be that hard. Their mascot is half way there, all they have to do is add a number to the end, voila we have the Vanderbilt Commodore 64’s. *chef’s kiss*

Germany is weird y’all

For those of you who were born in say the past 30 years. Above is a photo for a German programming magazine and the enormous keyboard is for an 8-bit, yes EIGHT, home PC called a Commodore 64. Not sure why this magazine, oh a magazine is a, Jesus none of these references are even closely relatable anymore.

That’s right, all the way back in 1983, a computer company wanted to fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! How the hell did the Nerds not jump on this? Y’all could be the laughing stock of the league but still know that y’alls mascot is pulling some sweet deutsche Frauen.

We have fun.

Now, here we are. Is this year’s team senior led? Or is more about the young blood? Who knows, we may be really good and that is really exciting. And it would only make sense in this really dumb year, that the Aggies do something really dumb like win a Natty that no one will count, #Traditions.

Defnintely sad to be away for another year of football, but we will get to come home soon enough. Have fun, be safe and BTHO vanderbilt!

Click Here for Your Vanderbilt Playlist

A few highlights in this weeks list the new RTJ4 is so damn good, be prepared for at least one song a week until I exhaust that album. Couple of Nashville artists to highlights are andrews’ and Devon Gilfillian. Deftones are back and Genesis crushes!

Finally, Chromeo kicks off and ends the playlist with ‘Roni Got Stressed Out. My favorite quarantine album and the Chopped and Screwed version to close out the playlist is a treat.